Monday, May 5, 2008

Starrydeborah has tussie mussies and more tussiemussies!!!

Hi, I'm deborah of starrydeborah and not too long ago I went through a tussie mussie phase and have a few of them up on my etsy shop and some are in my art room just waiting for the next step. So I thought I would just put up pics here for you all to see.
I also make custom tussiemussies for weddings and parties.
Hey, how about a garland of mini tussiemussies, I might have to try that idea!
Hope you have enjoyed my pics and if you are interested in purchasing or have questions just contact me at my etsy shop at: or leave a comment here for me.
Have a wonderful day and happy blogging,


The Rose Cottage said...

Love them Deborah :)
I just made my first and listed it last night, will be posting it later on.


Christina said...

I have been in the tussie mussie phase also. I have done 5 so far. Love yours, just wondrful.


Lynda said...

These are beautiful, Deborah!