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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Marionberry Cottage

Debbi, who lives in Oregon has named her shop for a beloved berry that grows in that State - the marionberry. I had no idea such a berry existed and before I knew Debbi's name, thought her name was Marion! I'm sure many other people have thought the same thing.

Debbi is a gifted seamstress as well as a developing graphics designer. You can see Debbi's beautiful work at her three blogs -- Marionberry Cottage, Carte Postale and Cottage Garden Banners. She writes on her blog and Debbi has just recently started her own website! This is one very active woman indeed!! Pop in to say hello to Debbi (and let her know you realize her name is NOT Marion!!).
*all photographs are property of Debbi Oeltjen and are not to be copied.

Althena 12...

Dr. Linda Donnelly is a psychotherapist in southern California who loves to spend time with photography, mixed media and polymer clay.

Linda has two etsy shops - Althena12 and LDPhotography. You will also find her at her blog. Please stop in to say hello and view some of Linda's wonderful work. Her polymer clay ATCs are amazing (I know, I received one in a swap!).
*all photographs are property of Linda Donnelly and are not to be copied.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sandi's Stuff

Sandi B from Manitoba is a talented rose painter and textile artist. For more on Sandi, check out the tutorial she did for us, here. An interview with Sandi follows the tutorial.

You will also find Sandi at her etsy shop and at her blog. Please stop by to say hello.
*all photographs are property of Sandi's Stuff and are not to be copied.

Bread and Circuses

Heading over to Scotland, we find Evie Zaccardelli who has two delightful etsy shops...Bread and Circuses and Shabby Chic Shreds. Evie's collage work and pins are vintage pieces of art. You can also find Evie at her blog -- please pop in to wave a cheery hello!

*all photographs are property of Evie Zaccardelli and are not to be copied.

Cottage Style Treasury

The Treasury on Etsy is always a busy place, lot's of viewers and probably because it's a great way to go shopping or just browse and find some gift ideas.

It is also fun to make a Treasury and feature some of the talented people who sell on Etsy. I was lucky enough to be around without having to wait too long to snag one yesterday and I wanted to promote Cottage Style from our members but with a traditional Christmas feel to it this time, so what do you think?

Please visit the Treasury in person and leave a comment, click on the items featured and show your fellow sellers some love :)

Cottage Style Red Treasury

Friday, November 28, 2008

Someplace In Time/Thyme...

Char does a little bit of this and a little bit of that and it's a whole lot of beautiful! A basket weaver and stained glass artisan, Char also sews and tries her hand at many crafts. I have been the recipient of Char's basket making and her baskets are amazing.

This is but a sampling of her work. Please visit her blog and her etsy shop to see more.

*all photographs are property of Somewhere In Time and are not to be copied.

Prim 2 Pink

Judy who hails from Indiana loves to paint and has even taught decorative painting. According to Judy's husband, she'd paint anything if it wasn't moving! Now that's passion for your art!! Judy also loves to sew and do mosaics.

Take a moment to visit Judy at her etsy shop and her blog..and if you get to her blog before midnight November 29th, you'll have time to enter this giveaway!

*all photographs are from Prim2Pink and are not to be copied.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Quilts Galore and More

A visit to Debbie of Quilts Galore and More will fill you with a sense of bliss as you view her beautiful one of a kind pillows and her shabby cottage chic stockings.

Take a moment please to visit Debbie at her etsy shop, her blog and her newly launched website.

*all photographs are from Debbie's etsy shop and are not to be copied.

Cathy Minerva

Cathy Minerva describes herself as "a mixed media artist who loves to experiment with different techniques and combinations of items".

These beautiful paintings are from her etsy shop and attest to Cathy's talent.

Please visit her etsy shop and her blog to see more of Cathy's amazing work.
*all photographs are from Cathy's etsy shop and are not to be copied.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Shirley Stitches

Shirley, a doting grandmother who works by day and stitches by night or whenever she has time on her hands, comes to us from Missouri. The time that is put into creating hand embroidery and stitching is immeasurable as is the quality and beauty of the pieces that Shirley creates.

This is but a sampling of Shirley's work. To see more, check her blog and her etsy shop.
*all photographs are from Shirley Stitches and are not to be copied.

Jean Knee

Jean Knee can make a party sing -- she can make it glitter, she can make it pink. Ask and she is happy to deliver!

Check out Jean's etsy shop to see more of her lovely work and catch up with her at her blog to discover what other goodies she has in the works!
*photographs are from Jean Knee at etsy and are not to be copied.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Patricia Creations

From the east coast, we go over to the west coast, to Oregon where we find Patti Koosed of Patricia's creations. Patricia is a retired interior designer, a mom and grandmother who is now "mom" to her 4 legged fur babies.

You can find Patti and her mixed media art and painting at her etsy shop, her blog and her website.
*all photographs are from Patricia Creations and are not to be copied.

Cherry Heart Boutique

Dolly is from Michigan, a mother and grandmother (and grandmother - in - waiting!) who loves her cherries and sends much love through her art and her cherry heart.

You can find Dolly at Cherry Heart Boutique on etsy and at her blog, From My Cherry Heart.
*all photographs are from Cherry Heart Boutique and are not to be copied.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Kelly's Sweetie Room

This time we are leaving North America and heading for Seoul, South Korea to visit Kelly Kim in Kelly's Sweetie Room...

Kelly is a mom who loves to craft and design...she makes some beautiful jewelry and hair accessories and even this delightful Korean fortune pouch!

Take a moment to visit Kelly at her etsy site and her website!
*all photos are from Kelly's Sweety Room and are not to be copied.

Recycled Rita

We're back to California where Karen Benson works by day with autistic children and by night she becomes, in her words, "Edward Scissorhands"...a crafty lady indeed!!

Karen likes to recycle and use vintage items in her work as is evident by the name of her shop and her blog -- Recycled Rita.

Please take some time to visit her both at her etsy shop and her blog and say hello.
*all photographs are from Recycled Rita and are not to be copied.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nice and Easy Antiques

Marcela and her sister Clara own and operate Nice and Easy Antiques in San Clemente, California. They carry a wide range of goods, and also offer handmade and heartfelt from their very own hands!

You can find them in their online boutique (which is also their brick and mortar store), their etsy shop and the blog.

If you are in the San Clemente area on November 29th, they will be hosting an open house at the store. Check the blog for details.

*all photographs are property of Nice and Easy Antiques and are not to be copied.

Fabulous Finds

Julie Light is a Texas girl with a lot of heart. And a lot of style. A busy mom who also loves to decorate her home, Julie has her etsy shop Fabulous Finds, she has a website, Fabulous Finds Boutique, she creates for Shabby FuFu and she writes her blog. Julie manages to find time to create her posh tags and cards and she also carries supplies in her etsy shop. Her Prima collection is delightful.

*all photographs are property of Fabulous Finds and are not to be copied

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Duct Tape and Denim

Ann Tatum has one of the most unusual names for an etsy shop, but it fits what she loves to do -- reuse items and what better to "patch it up" than duct tape? But make no mistake, the items Ann has in her two shops, Duct Tape and Denim and Comfort and Joy are very far removed from anything as "tacky" as duct tape!

Ann is another of our California girls and you can reach her at either of her two etsy shops or at her blog, Keepin Up With the Tatums. Take a moment to go and say hello.

*all photographs are property of Ann Tatum