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Friday, April 30, 2010

2nd Market Monday May 3rd!!

Hi Everyone!
It's time again to go to Market this coming Monday. This is perfect since, it is also Mother's Day week, people will be looking for unique gifts for Mom.
This is a forum where participants come to introduce themselves through thier online selling sights. If you have an Etsy. Ebay, selling blog, or traditional website, you're invited to join in...the more the merrier!
The site will be up by Sunday night to be ready for Monday morning.
Once again, with the help of Mr. Linky, visitors to the blog will be directed to participating sites.
The Mr Linky is easy to use. Just use your selling site URL in the Mr. Linky at the bottom of the page.
The Mr Linky is easy to use. After you have "published" your Vintage Alphabet post on your blog, stop by Etsy Cottage Style and put your name and the permalink to your post into the Mr. Linky's sign up box.

What is a permalink? A permalink is the direct link to your post, as opposed to your general blog address. When someone visits Etsy Cottage Style during the week and clicks on your link, they will be taken directly to your Vintage Alphabet post instead of having to search through your most recent posts to find it.

There are two ways to get your permalink. One way is to click on the title of your Vintage Alphabet post, then right click on the URL address showing in the address field at the top and select Copy. Then paste this link into Mr. Linky which will be available here. Click on "Enter" and you are all done! You will see your permalink posted. :-) Or, another way to add your link for Mr. Linky is to right click on the title of your Vintage Alphabet post, select "copy shortcut" and then paste this link into the URL box on the Mr. Linky sign-up.


luisa said...

Hi Melody,I´m from Argentina.So sorry for my english but your blog is beautiful and very vintage.I´love style vintage.Thanks for your picture.You can visit my blog.Adios!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Girls

I would like to share my cottage style blog with you http://life-n-reflection.blogspot.com/


Unknown said...

Hello friend!
Since i am here a lot, i wanted you to know about my give away on my blog and i don't want you to miss it. I will not Link my party to other party :)