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Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Top 5 Things to Look for at Yard Sales This Year

Here is an awesome post from Jill of Bella Rosa Antiques:

My perspective has changed a little due to the opening of my new store, Vintage & Co. (The website isn't finished yet...we've started, but not quite there yet.)

In the past, I was usually on the hunt for smaller, yet beautiful antiques. This theme fit perfectly into my "Bella Rosa Antiques" shop that I still have online here.

1. Here is the #1 item on my mental list:

Now that I have an actual brick and mortar shop, I am now being drawn to furniture. Anything from a chair to a dresser to something broken... it is all open season because we are repairing, transforming, and creating something beautiful and new out of it. Dressers and vanities are popular pieces and sell well.

Other than furniture I look for is age. When we stop at a yard sale at the crack of dawn (Okay, 7 am) we have to be super alert because there are always other dealers showing up and you have to be quick. Your eyes have to quickly scan the area and eliminate anything new. We have missed so many wonderful items because it takes us so long to get out of the house... the three of us! But, there is plenty to go around. I was reminded by a friend that the next ten years there is going to be a HUGE flooding of things into the market due to the baby boomers downsizing and / or moving into assisted living areas, etc.

I have two Etsy shops to maintain besides the store. One is more "antiquey" while the other is retro. So I have to have dual themes/mindsets going on which makes it tough to narrow down 5 things.

2. That being said the 2nd thing I am looking for is: 


Let's face it, it is easy to ship and photograph.
Anything small and sell-able is okay in my book.
3.The third thing I like to find is: 
Christmas Stuff!


If I can narrow down the sale quickly enough, I am looking for Retro era pieces like Fire King or Pyrex. You can't go wrong with Pyrex. Well, color is a big factor. Aqua and pink are hot while maybe the brown is not. 

These Fire King mugs were a huge hit and I bought them at a yard sale just to have something retro for my Etsy shop. I soon discovered that they were LOVED by the collectors.
5. The fifth thing I look for is:

Antique Books! I love them and love to sell them. My collection grows each year but I'm slowing down a bit on the keeping part. Now I sell more books because I have discovered they sell very well!

Even books from the 70's & 80's can be lucrative.

It was tough selecting just five things because I have three shops so jere are my Runner's Up:

1 st Runner Up-


Everyone needs a lamp and we try to breathe
new life into abandoned and forgotten lamps.

Mid-Century lamps have done well for me in the past.

A new shade, a new harp, finial or even re-wiring. That being said, I will pick up shades, harps and anything to help us the re-do process. Once I found a pair of Lenox lamps that sold for about $150.00 a piece on eBay. I had no idea they would do so well. You can be sure I am always looking for another!
2nd Runner Up-
Teacups and other antique china.
The market has slowed down a bit
in this arena but I do well with nice,
higher end teacups.
3rd Runner Up-

Industrial and Rustic stuff
I'm paying more attention to these
items especially now that I
have the brick and mortar shop.
They never go out of style!

Hope you enjoyed my perspective on yard sales. We also have to think like this at an estate sale as well. There you have to have the same mindset, but you are racing going from room to room looking to find any one of the above items before another dealer does. Ain't it fun? 

Of course it is or else we wouldn't be doing it!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Let's talk Vintage

Welcome to "Let's Talk Vintage!"
You can link up your blog posts about your latest
vintage finds, projects, items for sale, you name it!
Other ideas include old family photos and stories,
tried and true recipes handed down through the
family, collections you may have, etc.
Today I'm sharing some of my latest
projects and photos from our new shop.
Since we had to fill the shop up pretty quickly,
I have a bunch of projects that I've been
cranking out. I have to say I even surprised
myself with how much I enjoyed creating!

I think it was all the years I've watched things
being created in blog-land that helped me.
So, thank you for all of your inspiration!

I'm not sure who originally gave me this 
idea but I knew I had an old bread board 
that had seen better days... and voila!

What was once old is new 
again, and now in the shop.
Here are a couple more projects....
a small side table and a suitcase.
The table had pretty good lines
so I decided to keep the lower half
untouched and only paint the top black,
using chalk paint.
Then a stencil over the black that
matched the color of the lower half.
I like how it turned out although I think
we realized it could have been better.
The hubs used regular wax on the top
instead of dark wax. Learning as we go...
I loved the suitcase and decided
to decorate it.
Using blue painter's tape, I blocked
off a set of three stripes and painted
in between using black paint. Then I
 added a French stencil overlay in white.
One of the easiest projects I've tried! 

 I'm currently working on a vanity since one sold
over the weekend in the store.
I'll have results with what we decided
to do for "the makeover!"
Now for this week's features:
shared how easy it is to blend French Country
 and Country Farmhouse styles together.
made a jewelry holder out of an
old coffee mug tree! So pretty!
and last but not least, Sarah
a new way to announce Spring
on her front door. A handbag
from Goodwill of all things!
Perfectly sweet!

you can link up over at Jill's blog

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April give away

Welcome to our monthly give away! 
Every month one of our readers graciously donates a lovely treasure to give away. This give away is open to anyone who resides within the USA.

Our April hostess is
Ruth Weston from 
Ruth is offering this beautiful collectible
Dunoon English bone china mug 
Topiary Thatched Cottage from the Cottage Life series 
designed by Richard Partis.
$28 retail value

Visit Ruth's website for more beautiful china and porcelain collectibles!

sign up to win by using the link up below!
Entries will be open until April 22  at midnight Pacific time!
Good luck!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Market Monday April



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Cottage style, Vintage and collectible items, handmade arts and crafts, supplies, etc.
No drop shipping sites such as Zazzle are allowed. Any links deemed unrelated will be deleted.